Noah Corona

Noah and his dog Rust on an old bridge.

Noah Corona is the sole proprietor of Corona Software Solutions. He takes pride in developing software that provides robust, elegant answers while remaining open for extension. Whether he's part of a team maintaining large scale multi-application projects or soley responsible for the conception of a startup's new idea, high-quality code is always a priority.

Noah is an active volunteer staff member of the Python Discord community. As a helper he enjoys supporting beginners to the language, and discussing new ways to improve his skills. He won't hesitate to attribute much of his growth as a developer to this rapidly expanding community of 20,000+ members.

In his free time Noah enjoys learning new languages, fixing his broken linux installation (again), and developing tools that make life easier. He is an advant participant in the Python Discord's quarterly code jam, the most recent of which he led his team to 3rd place.